Keith Ko



Keith Ko 善于寻找蕴藏于生活环境中的美感价值,将之融入产品并创出别具一格的经典作品。风格简约时尚却充满睿智,构思深度辽阔。

始于九十年代初与伙伴创立其工作室,专注发展眼镜框创作业务;其独特用料及时尚触角,总给人一份意外惊喜。且先后得到香港贸易发展局HKTDC的强力推介及在意大利米兰眼镜展Mido Fair中深受国际买家青睐。







2013年,我们跟caoto再次合作推出一系列的“365 faces”的产品。

2014年,caoto 365 faces 微型画展开幕。





22013年肖像漫画作品《Jose Saramago》入选15届葡萄牙国际漫画节展览

2013年插画作品《3365 Faces 艺术家系列》获浙江省多画种美术展览优秀奖

22014年肖像漫画《Mmaster Hossein Valinejhad》h获第二届伊朗国际漫画节荣誉奖

2014年肖像漫画《Sseyit Saatci》获土耳其文化研究会国际肖像漫画比赛奖



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He Yan


品牌:何艳 He Yan(暂用名)




Doriana Corda

Being a long-t erm expatriate in China, Doriana Corda has some very valuable experiences to share with us today. She talks about how have her initial three months stay extended to long-term business plan, and the continuous growing opportunities China brought to her. Doriana shares with us the culture challenges as an expat entrepreneur in China over the years, what she has learnt in terms of doing business, as well as the overall learning process. Tune in to find out more about Doriana's future plans in this program. Doriana Corda is one of Asia's foremost designers. Qualified as an architect, urban and interior designer, Doriana has gained a wealth of experience over 20 years of designing for global clients. Having worked in China for 10 years, Doriana is well positioned to meet the demanding needs of developing and implementing innovative designs within an Asian context. Doriana's design philosophy of exploring new possibilities is the essence that allows her to resolve the unique challenges that each client or project delivers. Challenges where spatial innovation and expression must be balanced against clients budgets all within the environmental practicalities of an emerging market. Doriana is set to make a large impact on design in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.




Haferkorn & Sauerbrey is a small manufactory based in Berlin that produces luxury paper products as well as finest silk foulards and organic cotton scarfs. All products are designed and illustrated by Romy Haferkorn & Miriam Sauerbrey and are entirely produced in germany.  For our original designs, we incorporate our passion and interpretation of design styles from the past like Bauhaus, Op Art, Memphis or Constructivism, but always with a modern twist and a keen eye for relevant trends or tendencies. We always use high quality and FSC-certified paper. For getting best results in printing, we work exclusively with small manufactories and printing companies that share our passion for perfection and quality. We favor a "slow" and sustainable design and production approach for thoughtful, detailed and lovable products.